PYLUSD Elementary Music Program

Elementary music instruction is provided to all 4th, 5th and 6th grade students in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. Classes are taught during the school day by credentialed music educators in the areas of band, strings and vocal music.

Provided on this website is information about your child’s music teacher(s), local music vendors, instrument information, music class schedules and much much more! We look forward to working with your students and expanding their educational experience!

SCSBOA Honor Band & Orchestra Members 2016-17

CONGRATULATIONS! to the 25 elementary music students from our school district who auditioned for and made it into the SCSBOA elementary honor band or orchestra! Each group performed at the annual SCSBOA Conference in January 2017. We are proud of you and know you represented PYLUSD well!

Honor Band Members:

Brookhaven Elementary:
Benny Carruth – Trumpet
James Jackson – Trumpet
Kevin Yang – Alto Sax

Fairmont Elementary:
Evelyn Wu – Flute
Harrison Yihao – Clarinet
Madison Austin – Trombone

Golden Elementary:
Dylan Chen – Trumpet
Vivek Shah – Alto Sax
Nolan Sweet – Alto Sax

Tynes Elementary:
Eric Kim – Trumpet
Yash Patel – Percussion
Savannah Tweedt – Percussion

Woodsboro Elementary:
Kylie de Best – Percussion
Tony Zheng – Clarinet

Honor Orchestra Members:

Tynes Elementary:
Kaylynn Yune – Violin 1

Woodsboro Elementary:
Jonathan Chien – Violin 2
Joseph Park – Violin 2
Kaleb Lee – Viola

Golden Elementary:
Jayden Lee – violin 3
Sarah Lee – violin 1
Joab Jia – violin 3
Eileen Kwon – violin 2

Fairmont Elementary:
Daniel Wang – violin 1
Tim Wang – violin 1

Ruby Drive Elementary:
Lizzell Hernandez – violin 2

Elementary Music Recruiting Assemblies

Each year, the first two weeks of school, our elementary music staff presented an assembly at each of our 21 elementary schools to demonstrate the instruments, tell the students about the program and to let the students know about their options for music class that year! Here is a photo of one of those assemblies!


Elementary Music Brochure

Please click the appropriate link below for a printable copy of the of the brochure that was handed out at our elementary music assemblies. This brochure has much of the information you and your student needs for this upcoming year of music classes including the choices your student has at each grade level and much more!



Instrument Insurance

If you would like to purchase insurance for the instrument your student is using for our program please click the link below.

Anderson Group Musical Instrument Insurance

Instrumental Music Method Books needed for music classes

5th and 6th grade band students need: Accent on Achievement book 1 by John O’Reilly and John Williams.

4th, 5th and 6th grade string students need: All for Strings book 1 by Gerald Anderson and Robert Frost.

Also, all instrumental music students, playing a band or a string instrument, need to have a 1/2 inch 3-ring binder for additional music we hand out in our music classes.

You can purchase the method books from our local music retailers. Please click the link below for the list of those retail stores.

Instruments and Supplies

Helpful Tips and other information

On the link below are some useful tips to help your child succeed with their instrument.

Helping Your Child Succeed In Instrumental Music

Click the link below for some information on how music will help a student in all aspects of their education.

How Music Education Orchestrates Success Card